Our History

A Few Words About Us

Founded by two fellow mountain-climbers Joseph Watson and Jim Harrison, this travel agency has always focused on encompassing the best of what winter resorts can offer worldwide.

Across the globe, we’ve selected hundreds of best skiing & snowboarding resorts, any of which will ensure a perfectly fresh winter holiday experience for you.

Since 2004 we’ve helped thousands of travelers enjoy their vacation time on ski resorts across all 5 continents!

Our History


April: We’ve added Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains to our offerings

March: Hotel services available on iOS and Android apps


August: We’ve launched a major cooperation with FlyDubai airlines for better price of the tickets for our customers

July: Major revamp is made to our iOS & Android app

June: For the first time ever we’re offering destinations on all 6 continents - including the Antarctics


June: Now the tour booking feature is available on our mobile website

May: Search box for tours booking is relaunched for an improved user experience


July: Our 100, 000th customer is awarded with a special tour

June: We open second US office in San Diego, CA


January: Total number of winter trip destinations we offer reaches 1000


February: We’ve sent our 10, 000th client, Jane Wilson, to the winter destination of her dreams!


We begin selling tour services online


We start selling air tickets online

Happy Travelers

I love snowboarding big time. So after I’ve visited all of the US destinations out there, I’ve decided to travel abroad for some snow riding. These guys sent me to Nepal!

Roger Washington

Before visiting this travel agency with my friend, I wasn’t interested in winter holidays. Now, after they’ve sent us to Chile, I’ve become the biggest skiing fan in the world!

Theresa Barrett

I’ve always wanted to go skiing to Europe. The travel agent I’ve met here advised me to book a trip to Austrian Alps, which I did! The trip and the place turned out to be amazing!

Jean Kennedy